Buckets of Blessings

Buckets of Blessings


IMPORTANT!  Every bucket must be packed with a specific list of items inside. Please follow the detailed instructions carefully. Please see the packing instruction video on our webpage: www.npbcloudon.org or on our FaceBook page.  



  • 1   –     25.6 oz bag of powder milk

  • 2   –     12 oz cans of spam

  • 1   –     10oz coffee brick

  • 1   -      24 count tea bags-

  • 1   –     24 oz pasta sauce

  • 2   –     12.5 oz can chicken

  • 1   -      48-ounce plastic bottle cooking oil

  • 1   -      2-pound bag dry black beans (can substitute with red beans)

  • 1   –     2 pound bag of rice

  • 1   –     19 oz of kool-aid or lemonade

  • 4   –     5 oz cans of tuna

  • 2   -      15oz can of fruit cocktail

  • 1   -      8.25 can of oranges or peaches

  • 2   -      1-pound bags(not box) of spaghetti noodles

  • 1   –     32oz box of pancake mix

  • 1   –     18oz jar of peanut butter

  • 1   -      4lb bag of sugar

  • 2   –     Sandwich or quarts size bags for tea to be placed in

  • 1   –     5 gallon bucket with lid (Home Depot, Lowe’s or Wilburn’s)

Packaging Instructions 

  1. Before you begin to pack the bucket, pray for the Navajo family that will receive the food.

  2. Leaving the bucket upright, place the oil one side. (All items are placed upright unless otherwise noted.)

  3. Place the pancake mix opposite the oil and the sugar in between.

  4. Stand the rice on end and place it along with the peanut butter on one side of the remaining space and one can of fruit cocktail and both packages of spaghetti on the other.

  5. Place two cans of tuna on top of the peanut butter and the second can of fruit cocktail on top of the first.

  6. Place two cans of chicken on top of the rice squeezing them in between the tuna and pancake mix.

  7. Lay the Kool-Aid on its side on top of the sugar.

  8. Place the bag of beans on its side on top of the pancake mix, next to the chicken.

  9. Place the pasta sauce on top of the two cans of tuna.

  10. Place the remaining two cans of tuna on their sides on top of the fruit cocktail.

  11. Lay the coffee on top of the Kool-Aid.

  12. Place the two cans of Spam on top of the chicken next to the beans.

  13. Open the box of tea.  Place 12 bags each in the two sandwich bags and place on top of the oil and spaghetti.

  14. Lay the powdered milk flat next to the spam and the small can of oranges or peaches next to that.

  15. Include a note to the family if you wish.

  16. Snap the lid on the bucket to make sure it is securely closed.