Our staff

Senior Pastor

Our Senior Pastor, Mark A.Caldwell Sr. past away

August 26, 2021 after serving here for 22 years.

We have not started to search for a new pastor yet while

we heal as a church family.

Our plans are to begin that search soon, in the meantime,

we will have our current pastors preaching,

counseling and leading

us through the rest of this year.

We will continue our mission partnerships,

as well as trying to reach our family,

our community and our world for Christ!


Come along with us on this journey God had placed

us on during this season. 

Administrative pastor

Pastor Gary has served at NPBC since November 2007.  He is a man of God with a heart's desire to disciple and equip the church to take the gospel to the ends of the world. He and Cindy have two sons, Phillip married to Rebecca and Eric married to Beth.  They have seven grandchildren: Kaylee, Ellie, Gabby, Callie, Braedon, Leland and Luke. 

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Worship Pastor

Pastor Mitch has served at NPBC since May 2004.  He is a man of God with a love for leading the church in worship through music, drama and creative arts.  Like all our pastors, he leads his ministry to be "on mission" to carry the gospel to the world!  He and Mary have one son, Bruin. 

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Charles VanValkenburgh
Family Pastor

Pastor Charles has served at NPBC since January 2015.  He is a man of God who has a zeal to reach the students in our county, state and around the world.  He and his wife, Kim, and their daughters, Makenzy, Mallory and Rosita, have recently returned from the mission field, serving in Guatemala. 

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Youth Minister

Pastor Andy has ministered to student since 2009. He has a heart to reach and see student grow in their knowledge of Christ. He and his wife, Misty, have one daughter, Lillian.

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Ministry Assistant

Deb has served as the Ministry Assistant at NPBC since 2007. She loves the Lord and to serve.  She and Bob have been blessed with three children: Joshua, Sami and Yahna. 

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